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April 11, 2022

Apple Eco System

Reasons on Why you should opt for The Apple Ecosystem

An Ecosystem is a biological community or a space of interacting organisms , ie, if you call this technically it means a group of devices together with a sync of hardware & software collectively come in to create a family of network. Some of the companies who have their ecosystems are Google , Apple & Microsoft. But Apple has been a perfectionist in the Ecosystem, basically they have mastered it.

Ecosystem is generally something that will draw your attention from one product to another which makes you go easy and work simultaneously and seamlessly.

Starting with an iPhone, you buy an iPhone then you buy a Macbook now you buy an iPad , then suddenly you have an Apple Watch in the market, then enters the Apple TV, now comes the Airpods & the HomePod. Now you complete the Apple’s ecosystem, you have a lots of other brands cheaper than Apple available in the market at a lower cost, but still you would go for an Apple because you love to complete your ecosystem knowingly they are expensive yet worth to invest in. Anyways the third-party products are usually not compatible with Apple products.

Apple’s own software such as iOS, macOS, tvOS, Airplay, Airdrop & iCloud plays a significant role in the Apple’s Ecosystem , like starting a task on one device and then continuing it on the other ,
For Example, you start an making a Keynote presentation on your iMac but now you may have to leave the desk, you continue the keynote on your iPad, this is where iCloud plays the major role syncing your files using multi-platform applications.

An amazing example of Airpods, since the users are buying them because of the removal of headphone jack from the iPhone 7 series, its become a want-to gadget for the users of iPhone, also the current set-up creates the want for the wireless technology to our highest priorities within our ecosystem. Airpods use a W1 chip which allows them to connect to any device on an iCloud account. So no more pairing your device within your ecosystem. Hence it creates a sense of consistency & the ease on the way you carry your comfort on the gadget, yes provided with the extended support of AirPods with the use of an Apple Watch is definitely an amazing experience.

Let me tell you that I make use of my complete Apple’s ecosystem, like when I’m at work I’m connected most of my apple devices on my iCloud, which has made me to work more smarter.

Since the day I got my Macbook I have never looked back on any other platforms, my work got more simpler & quicker with the iCloud synced with my iPhone that I wanted more productivity with portability so I opted for an iPad which gave me the power to switch between my work without a break, whether its low or high priority it happened more easier & lighter to work on small things on the iPad like reading or replying mails or using notes, long time usage for the desk comfort using my Macbook then using the Files app to quickly access the saved files from iCloud Drive to use it on iPhone to send to someone using the WhatsApp or other third party apps.

Using Notes app to sync between all devices.
Texting from iMac on iMessage
Copy on one device, paste on the other using hando
ff feature
Photos app to sync your iCloud photo library.
New feature of using your iPad as the second screen for your iMac or MacBook.
Airdrop on all your compatible devices no matter if you connected to the same wifi network or not.

Now let me know how would you make yourself connected and happy on the same place would like to make a spend more on your ecosystem which makes you smarter.

Amit Hemdev