Superpower 20,000mAh 85W Powerbank

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Stuffcool is excited to introduce the Superpower 85W power bank, capable of charging all your devices! From MacBooks and type C laptops to even the Nintendo Switch, the Superpower can charge them all!

[Super Power, More Power]: The Superpower boasts 85W of output power divided between 2 type C ports delivering 65W (from port Type C1) and 20W (from port Type C2) at the same time. You can charge your MacBook Pro and iPhones simultaneously!

[Charge Every Device You Own]: The type C1 port can provide power up to 65W PD and is capable of charging MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Type C Laptops & Ultrabooks, Nintendo Switch gaming console, and even smartphones such as flagship Samsungs, Pixels, Nothing Phone 1, and iPhones. With the Type C2 port delivering a dedicated 20W PD output, you can fast charge all your iOS devices like iPhones, iPads, Airpods, Apple watch along with a MacBook or laptop connected to the type C1 port.

[PPS Output Enabled]: The Superpower supports PPS output or Samsung Super Fast Charging from the type C1 port. You can now "Super Fast Charge" all your Samsung flagship devices. The Type C1 port can fast charge the latest flagship pixel phones 50% in 30 mins. The PPS output from type C1 port also charges Nothing Phone 1 at max speed.

[100W Type C to C Cable included]: The Superpower comes with a Type C to C Cable capable of supplying about 100W of power and fitted with an e-Marker chip so that it's compatible with most laptops, MacBooks, and other type C devices. The cable can also fast charge the power bank via its Type C1 port.

[Reverse Fast Charge Enabled!] : The Superpower may have a whopping 20000mAh battery, but it can still be fast-charged at a monumental 65W power through its type C1 port. If you charge the Superpower using your MacBook or Laptop charger at 60-65W power, you can fully charge this Powerbank in less than 3 hours!

[Made In India, Made For India]: The Superpower is proudly made in India, compliant with all safety features. The Superpower is BIS approved and has a 5-layer intelligent safety protocol that keeps you and your device safe and charged!