iPhone Call Recorder Magmo 32GB Magnetic Snap-On Call Recorder, Voice Recorder, & Audio Recorder

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  • Just Snap-It On:  is a magnetic call recording device that attaches to the back of your smartphone.
  • Quick & Direct Recording: Simply flip the switch up when you need to record a call. Magmo then immediately starts recording.
  • High Quality Phone Call Recordings: Magmo uses a sensor called Piezo to capture the phone’s vibrations instead of using a microphone.
  • Sleek & Stylish: Being inspired by the iPhone’s clean and trendy design, Magmo was developed with that same idea in mind.
  • Hassle Free: Magmo doesn’t require any internet connection and doesn’t charge you any monthly fees.


Product Name :  Magmo Call Recorder (MagSafe iPhone Call Recorder)

Model Number : BUZZ-V7

Memory : 32GB

Recording Capacity : 500 hours

Battery Usage Time : 6 hours on full charge

 Battery Charging Time : 90 minutes

Product Size : 64mm × 95.8mm × 6.8mm

Product Weight : 44.2g

Battery : 3.7V Lithium-polymer 280mAh