ChargeCube Mini Power Strip with 30W Type C output

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A Power strip reimagined! Introducing the ChargeCube 30, a 3 AC port power strip with surge protection and 30W dual port output! Charge upto 5 devices at the same time from a very compact and space saving power strip! 30W output from type C port is capable to charge Macbook Air M1/M2, supports Super Fast charging for Samsung phones, charges iPhones and Pixels 50% in 30 mins!

Save Space Save Time! A Power Strip Reimagined!The ChargeCube 30 is a powerstrip reimagined! A space saving desk essential that lets you charge 5 devices at the same time in the most compact shape! The ChargeCube 30 features 3 AC Main ports for your office / home essentials such as Monitors, Printers, Scanners, lamps etc. The ChargeCube30 removes the need to charge your phone using a charger with its 30W Type C + Type A Port. The Type C port is powerful enough to charge a Macbook Air M1/M2, charges any iPhone and Pixel 50% in 30 mins and also supports Super fast Charging for Samsung phones.

Charge 5 Devices At the Same time - The ChargeCube30 features 3 AC Mains plugs to charge any appliance or device of your choice along with a type C and type A port. The Type C + Type A ports provide a max output of 30W. The type C port supports PD and PPS fast charging protocols. The total output of the ChargeCube30 is 1500A. The ChargeCube30 is powerful enough to accommodate most appliances and devices such as Monitors, printers, scanners, lamps. Please Note: Do not attach highpowered appliances (10/16A) such as Refrigerators, ACs, Microwave to the ChargeCube.

Universal Plug Points with Locks to hold the devices in placeThe sockets provided in the ChargeCube30 are universal and support most plugs of popular countries. Further, each port is fitted with a locking mechanism, once plugged in, the plugs will not fall off from the socket easily

Versatile Usage - Desk or wall mounted - The ChargeCube not only featurs 4 tacks to hold it firmly when placed on a desk, but also features wall hanging sockets at the back to mount the chargecube on a wall or any other surface. The AC Cable provided for the ChargeCube is 1.5m long.

Safety First!The ChargeCube30 is fitted with a Surge protector and protects your devices and yourself from any fluctuations and surges