Ally 10000mAh Compact Powerbank with Apple Watch Charging

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Introducing Ally: The only powerbank you need for your iOS devices! A super compact 10000mAh powerbank with Apple Watch charging and a lighting type C cable all built in! The Ally is powerful enough to fast charge any iPhone 50% in 30 mins and charge any version of the apple watch simultaneously!

The Only Powerbank for Your iOS Ecosystem!The Ally is just the powerbank you need for your iOS devices! With a built in lightning to type C cable and Apple watch charger in such as super compact shape, the Ally allows you to charge your iOS devices super fast!

Charge your Watch and iPhone Simultaneously!The Ally features 22.5W of output - which allows you to fast charge any iPhone (20W) 50% in 30 mins and charge your Apple Watch (2.5W) at the same time, with no compromise on charging speeds

Multiple Inputs, Mulitple outputs!With a built in type C to Lightning Cable, the Ally is the most versatile powerbank solution there is. To fast charge youe iPhone, simply remove the lightning end of the cable and connect it to your iPhone. The same cable can be used to charge Ally - with the lightning input on the Ally and type C end into a charger. Besides these, there is a also a type A port supporitng 22.5W of QC3.0 fast charging for compatible Android devices. There is another type C port that doubles up as an input+output port for Ally. the Ally can be fast charged with this input type C port accepting 18W of PD power, fully charging itself in under 4 hours.

Supports Pass Thru Charging with a Phone Stand! -  The Ally also features a stand where you can place your iPhone while charging with the Ally. The Ally also supports pass thru charging allowing you to charge the Ally while you charge your devices. 

Proudly Made In India, BIS ApprovedAlly is proudly Made in india and is BIS Approved. Ally also features additional layers of safety to protect your devices and ofcourse yourself.